International Conference on FPGA Reconfiguration for General-Purpose Computing 2017

09 - 10 May 2017


The conference will take place at the Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg.

The Helmut Schmidt University is one of two universities of the federal armed forces of Germany. Therefore, most of the students are officers in the German military or the military of allied nations. But the University is also open to civil students, often with an industrial scholarship.

Hamburg is a large city in the north of Germany. It is well connected to the world by an international airport, a high speed train station, motorways and an open sea harbour.

Speicherstadt: "Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de/C. Spahrbier"

Hamburg is an important cultural and industrial location in Germany. Many different muscials are played in Hamburgs musical theaters, for example Lion King, Rocky and the Phantom of the Opera. Companies like Airbus, Lufthansa, Deutsche Bahn and Deutsche Telekom have branches here.

Containerterminal: "Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de/C. Spahrbier"