International Conference on FPGA Reconfiguration for General-Purpose Computing 2017

09 - 10 May 2017


Registration Fee

The registration fee is 300€ (Euro).

The registration fee has to be paid by bank transfer. Credit card payment is not available! After receiving the registration fee we will send out the invitation letters to people requiring a VISA.
Bank Transfer Information
Bank: Bundeskasse Trier – Dienstsitz Kiel
IBAN: DE18 2000 0000 0020 0010 66
It is important that you give the following id on the reference line: BEW 03162292

Registration Process

This years registration will be done by email.

If you want to register to the conference send an email to fpga4gpc_registration@hsu-hh.de. Please send one email for each person who wants to register!

The following information is required for registration!

  • Firstname + Lastname (for people requiring VISA it has to be exactly how it is spelled in your passport)
  • Address (for people requiring VISA give private and company address)
  • Passport id number (only required for people requiring a VISA)
  • email address
  • accepted paper number

You will get a reception response for each registration email.